Flash is not Dead!

19 04 2010

There has been lots of talk recently about how the interactive program Flash is starting to decline. Apple’s iPhone, and more recent iPad, are notorious for their rejection of Flash, not allowing Flash applications to run on their mobile platforms.

Is this a personal stab at the Adobe program? Or just a technological issue? Or maybe a mix of the two?  Maybe Steve Jobs has a personal vendetta against Flash (not unlike many of my classmates). There are rumors that Flash is glitchy, and can crash programs and browsers. Maybe, but as a Flash advocate, I don’t believe it.

But, as the commercial says, everything that [the iPhone] doesn’t, Droid does… the Google-run smart-phone, as well as other smart-phones, will run Flash applications. And Flash is also popping up on less conventionally interactive medium, television.

Syabas Technology recently created the new Popbox, a set-top box that brings Internet content and applications to your television. This includes some entertainment sites that utilize Flash, as well as Flash-based apps and games that can be developed by third-party vendors.

Another point worth mentioning is the general migration of video content from the television to the Internet. Hulu.com has grown rapidly over the past year or so, providing full length TV shows and movies with only minor commercial interruptions, and, most importantly, all free. But good luck checking out Hulu on your iPhone…because Hulu runs its videos on Flash.

Adobe is also working to bridge that gap between Flash and mobile smart-phones. The soon-to-be-released Adobe CS5 offers ways to export and publish games and apps that are ready to go for smart-phones. Welcome to the mobile world, Flash!

Flash seems to have many enemies… Everyone at Apple, HTML 5 developers, frustrated students, etc… But Flash keeps fighting back, finding some way to show up on each of our various screens. Viva la Flash!