5 self promotion tools on the cheap

7 10 2009

So you have a business, or just promoting yourself, but trying to do it on the cheap, eh? No worries, there are plenty of awesome Internet and Web 2.0 tools available, all absolutely free of charge. And if you use them well, you can market yourself or service, or product, or whatever… and watch as the success follows.

1. Start a blog – There are a couple of free blog sites out there that are incredibly easy to start. Blogs allow you to express opinions, update and inform consumers, and help develop a voice that will be synonymous with you and whatever you are providing. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but try to avoid using the default theme and layout.
2. Facebook Fan page – According to Facebook, of their 300 million accounts, 10 million become “fans” of a page, every day. This will allow you reach a wider market of consumers, and possibly spread through word of mouth into the social network bloodstream.
3. Twitter – Even if you aren’t a big Twitter person, or don’t have quite a lot to say at any given moment, there is still a large audience base in Twitter, and people are following people who are following people… in a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon kind of way, you can reach millions of people and promote yourself in 140 characters.
4. MySpace – Now this is mainly for musicians, but it is essentially a free online portfolio, where audience members can find our bios, see pics, watch videos, and listen to your music. It is a great, easy account to jump into and lay out your goods for all to see, listen to, and enjoy.
5. YouTube – Viral videos are a tremendously successful way to advertise. It is impossible to know how exactly to make a video go viral, or how long it will hang around, but you do know for sure that if you are successful, it will result in a tremendous amount of free publicity, which is exactly what you are looking for.

So there you have it. Five very easy, very free tips and tricks to get your name out there, make connections, build a portfolio, and send yourself to all corners of the net and the world… all for absolutely nothing. Awesome!




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